Security Patrol

Security Patrol

1. Security patrol service:


A team of security specialist will come and check the client’s site namely personnel and properties at random. This is to prevent any possible and underlying hazards, to detect errors of any team working at the site especially the client’s own security team, to handle and resolve any problems, to provide consultancy and report for the client or directly train and improve the skills of the client’s own security team.

- This is a security solution for offices and institutions for patrolling, controlling, and ensuring security and safety for business, the area, patrol procedures, control of people and vehicles, etc.

2. Purpose of security patrol service:

- Vietnam’s top security experts from Viet Nam Thang Long Security will perform security patrol to ensure credibility and professionalism is achieved at the site.
- Credible, objective, and professional recommendation reports
- Modern and up to date training programs for security guards
- Irregular inspections to make sure all inspected subjects perform their duties properly at all times, prevent criminals from making plans, and avoid scheming, negligence, and indulgence between security guards and the customer’s employees.
- Save time, cost, and provide reassurance for the customer’s leaders so they can put their focus on business operations while still able to maintain a low cost self-recruited security team.



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