Professional Security Guard Provision

Professional Security Guard Provision


1. Professional security guards at Viet Nam Thang Long Sepre.24 Security:
- Work model: Viet Nam Thang Long Sepre.24’s employees will work either independently or in coordination with the client’s own security team to provide the best protection for the site.


2. Benefits from using professional security services of Viet Nam Thang Long Sepre.24 Security:
- You can make a comparison between the cost of hiring a professional security guard and the cost incurred by a self-recruited security guard including salary, quarterly and annual rewards, social security, accident insurance, life insurance, equipment, uniforms, security system, working tools, stationary, management cost, possible accidents, holidays, sick leaves, termination pay, etc. The benefits of hiring a professional security company are apparent.
- However, reasonable costs are not the only superior advantage that professional security services can provide you. There are also other intangible benefits for the customers.


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