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Welcome to Viet Nam Thang Long Sepre.24. We are proud to be one of the longest standing enterprises in safeguarding and preserving security with many merits verified by consumer’s trust and official government agencies. We also possess an experienced and professionally trained security team that can guarantee to provide you with the most professional and best quality services.


1.General information about Viet Nam Thang Long Sepre.24 Security Services Co., Ltd.:

Vietnam is currently developing, both economically and politically and has reached many achievements. The number of foreign investors as well as tourists is increasing rapidly. This is partially due to Vietnam being regarded as one of the nations with the highest security in the world.

However, due to rapid economic growth, more and more businesses in various sizes and from different industries are being established. Therefore, security services are needed more than ever. To ensure the business’s safety, the need for security services has also increased. To satisfy such demands, Viet Nam Thang Long Sepre.24 Security Services Co., Ltd. was established on the basis of providing security, safety for enterprises and individuals living and working in Vietnam.


2.Professional and trustworthy security guards

Viet Nam Thang Long Sepre.24 Security Services Co., Ltd. was founded and is operated by top experts in the field of security safeguard and protection to ensure the client’s operations in the most professional way.

We apply the ISO 9001:2000 system to our management system which is inspected annually by top Quality Management agencies in Vietnam. Therefore, clients can rest assured about the quality of our Management.

Our staffs are not only trained in professional skills but also in ethics. Moreover, our employees are chosen and trained based on a very strict training structure from basic to advanced level to enable them to perform their duties in the most professional way.

Besides professionalism, our employees are also provided with modern equipment such as monitoring tools, fire alarms, emergency alarms, etc. to ensure the best quality security services for our clients.

Because our quality is ensured even from the recruitment and training process, Viet Nam Thang Long Sepre.24 has always been regarded by the clients to be a provider with a skilled, responsive, accurate, protective, efficient, and disciplined security team.

Viet Nam Thang Long Sepre.24 has various offices in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Thanh Hoa, and Long An. We are currently providing services for more than 150 clients including businesses, schools, and hospitals in many provinces in the country.

With our experiences, achievements, management team, and professional staff, Viet Nam Thang Long Sepre.24 believes we can provide our clients with the best quality services.

With continuous efforts, our company has been rated and chosen by the industries and consumers association to be the first company in Vietnam to receive certifications, awards and Vietnam Trademark Golden Cup for services along with other prestigious awards.


3.Operational principles of Viet Nam Thang Long Sepre.24:

 Viet Nam Thang Long Sepre.24 operates based on the Quality – Efficiency – Credibility motto.

We guarantee to provide you the best quality services with our professional and dedicated staff and management team.

Our security guards will not interfere with the client’s inner workings, ensure confidentiality and full compliance with regulations. We are always a trustworthy business partner of all our clients.

With modern equipment, thoroughly trained staff, we always strive to reach the highest efficiency to save client’s time and cost.

With such principles, we guarantee assurance for our client in every second. We are always ready to listen to the client’s input and we always understand even the smallest requests of our clients to provide them with the best security and safeguard services and to be their trustworthy and long-term business partner.


4.Security services:

Currently we are providing a wide array of different services, some of them are as follows:

           Security patrol service:

 A team of security specialist will come and check the client’s site namely personnel and properties at random. This is to prevent any possible and underlying hazards, to detect errors of any team working at the site especially the client’s own security team, to handle and resolve any problems, to provide consultancy and report for the client or directly train and improve the skills of the client’s own security team.

Provide security supervisors.

             Security supervisors are our professional employees who will introduce the client’s own security team to               the working environment of professional security guards, professional working procedures, professional training, and top quality experiences in the field of security.


5.Provide professional security guards:

Viet Nam Thang Long Sepre.24’s employees will work either independently or in coordination with the client’s own security team to provide the best protection for the site.

- Provide security equipment.

We provide, design and install specialized equipment in various models, types with the best quality and reasonable prices such as: CCTV system, fire alarms and fire fighting system, anti-theft system, hotel locks, electronic locks, access control system, etc. to ensure that the client has access to the best observation and increase the field of view in places that need to be secured.

           - Train security guards

  Our company will provide enterprises with an opportunity to standardize their security force in accordance with the law by providing advanced professional training courses held by our company in conjunction with authorized agencies under the authority of Police Department.


6.Protect events

Ensure events such as music shows, fashion shows, customer conference, press conference, fairs, exhibitions, inaugurations, etc. can take place safely without any unwanted contingency or problem.



Escort and transport money, special and valuable commodities, etc. (mobile targets). This service not only guarantees security for valuable assets but also personnel thus improving the entire escort trip.


8.Non-physical object protection

Assurance of reputation, trademark, information for clients, intangible things. This is an advanced service that can satisfy all of client’s needs.


9.Key personnel protection

Politicians, tourist groups, singers, actors, etc.


10.Reasons for choosing Viet Nam Thang Long Sepre.24 Security

- For businesses:

We are always ready and willing to provide clients a quality, professional and superior security service. Any client who comes to us will receive best quality services and consultancy. We offer free installation of anti-theft camera system for clients. Within 12 hours, all security data, information and images will be provided upon client's requests.

Using our services, clients will receive tangible and intangible benefits.

Tangible financial benefits: prevent losses of assets, personnel, trademark, reputation, etc. Clients can cut costs for recruitment, training, salary, insurance, etc. when using our professional security services. Moreover, this will also help reduce your HR system. Professional services are very flexible about time, resource, and cost. Security contracts can commence and end at the client's convenience and upon request. Security guards can be replaced at any time with any reason without being bound by the contract. Therefore the client can always actively plan and choose to use the services in the way that best benefit their business.

Besides such tangible benefits, customers will also be provided with intangible benefits when using our services. That is the mental benefit which has a large impact on the operation of a business, providing you with reassurance during work or breaks. There are also benefits of administration, business culture, professionalism and trademark.

- For employees:

Our company provides our employees with the best welfares for we believe our employees’ benefits are also our benefits.

We are a partner of VNPT-SAIGON Insurance Company, as well as AON Insurance one of 500 biggest companies in the world, voted by Fortune magazine. The following insurance types are purchased by our company:

  • Guard Fidelity Insurance: compensation level is USD 250,000 (Two hundred fifty thousand dollars).
  • Public & Professional Liability Insurance: compensation level is VND 3,000,000,000 (Three billion Dong).
  • Accident Insurance (24h/24h): compensation level is equivalent to 30 months of employee’s salary.
  • Full Social & Medical Insurance in compliance with the laws.

Viet Nam Thang Long Sepre.24 Security Services Co., Ltd. is one of the security companies in Viet Nam that offer the highest payment and benefits for employees. This is the key to guarantee employee's full and long-term commitment to their responsibilities and customers' benefits.

Come to Viet Nam Thang Long Sepre.24 Security Services Co., Ltd. for the perfect professional security services.

 Our motto is: Quality – Efficiency – Credibility for our customers.





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