Event Protection

Event Protection

1. What is event protection?: Music shows, exhibitions, conferences, public events might face a number of security threats and riots which require flexibility but determined solutions to ensure safety especially from harmful acts by extremists in the crowd.

2. Security service
- Protect music and fashion shows, client conferences, press conferences, fairs, exhibitions, inaugurations, etc.
- Study the surroundings of the area where the event will take place.
- Make security plans, estimate the number of necessary manpower, security equipment, key timings, vehicles, map of the area. A plan will be made to coordinate with the armed force and properly allocate the security team to achieve the best formation for support and provide plans and solutions for possible situations.


- Prepare vehicles and assets necessary for the protection of the event.
- Inspect people and vehicles before gathering the security team to perform head-counting.
- Maintain communication between security guards and their superior to update, report, and timely ask for instructions. Security supervisor should regularly inspect and check in with their subordinates.


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